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Choosing the perfect steak

Updated: Mar 7, 2021

Valentines and Steak. Just like bread and butter or salt and pepper they go together perfectly. But with so many different options to choose from, what is the actual difference and what's best for you?


Often seen as the king of steaks, Fillet is by far the most tender piece of meat. Thanks to this steak coming from an area of the animal where the muscles don’t do much work, it has an almost buttery texture.

Its tenderness, coupled with the relatively low amount of meat on the animal, certainly makes it the most most expensive per kilo however it is worth the investment.

Because it’s so low in fat, its best cooked no more than medium-rare. Just make sure to season the steak well before cooking and get the pan super hot to ensure you get a good sear.


Whilst Fillet might be the most tender, Ribeye is without doubt the peak of flavour. With incredible fat marbling, this steak is rich in flavour and has an amazing juicy texture.

One advantage of Ribeye steak having so much flavour is that it doesn't need quite as much seasoning. However it's often best to go a little more low and slow in the pan. It benefits from plenty of resting but can be cooked more Medium / Medium-well.

Fancy a sharing option? Try a Cote de Boeuf, which is basically a Ribeye with the rib bone still connected. Very Fred Flintstone-esq!


If you're in need of a steak with less fat marbling but still full of flavour, then Sirloin is the steak for you. Slightly firmer in texture, with a rich flavour, it has a juicy and melt-in-your mouth taste and is many steak lovers go to cut.

Just like Fillet, Sirloin benefits from higher temperatures to get a good sear. However, like Ribeye it needs plenty of resting due to the slightly higher fat content


As the name suggests, Rump comes from the backside of a cow. As it's an area that works hard it won't be quite as tender as Sirloin, however it more than makes up for it in deep, mineral flavour.

The best bit is, it's half the price and so the best value steak you can buy! As it is a little firmer, Rump is best cooked Medium or Medium-rare.

We do have a secret up our sleeve for you, our unique Braveheart steaks. Because we cut the rump steak horizontally, you cut through the steak along the grain of the meat making it much more tender! As an added bonus we're able to create larger steaks, making it a great sharing option.

Our Best Butchers Hints and Tips

Whatever option you choose, here's some hints and tips from our butchers to get the best from your steak.

  • Let it get cosy: Steak doesn't like to go from the fridge straight to the pan. So make sure you get it out the fridge at least an hour before cooking.

  • Rest, rest, rest: When you cook any piece of meat, it goes tense in the pan, particularly when you cook it at high temperatures. Allowing it to get plenty of rest after cooking will make sure it is extra tender. But don't forget to use a bowl to catch the juices.

  • Getting Saucy: Want to to make an indulgent, easy sauce? Just take the pan off the heat once you've cooked your steak and add some butter, fresh rosemary, redcurrant jelly and the steak juices. When your ready, gently warm the sauce and spoon over your plate to serve.

  • Salt and Pepper: Seasoning is key to any good steak, but did you know you can burn pepper! For the best results, use salt before cooking and then season with pepper when you're resting your steak.

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