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The Less Expensive Cuts: Beef

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

We know that price can be a sensitive point when you’re buying from your local butcher rather than the supermarket (although feel free to ask us for price comparisons – you might be surprised!). We pride ourselves on providing the best quality meat, but we also know that you don’t need to eat fillet steak for dinner every night.

Supermarkets stock a narrow range of cuts that are always in demand. A good butcher will have more variety in store and also be able to tell you how to get the most out of each cut when cooking it.

Fancy trying something new? Give us a call and we'd be happy to help you out with some inspiration and ideas.

Brisket Brisket has enjoyed a real revival in recent years but can still offer value for money. It’s a perfect cut for slow cooking and very richly flavoured. If you have a Big Green Egg BBQ or similar, cook it Texan style!

Chuck and Blade Steak The heart of our Steak pies! Perfect for slow cooking in your own pies or stews at home. Blade can also be cut into Flat Iron or Feather steaks for quick, flavourful meal.

Flank A great multi-tasking cut. Makes good mince as well stewing and braising steak which will slow cook beautifully. Also delicious as Onglet and Bavette steaks which are very affordable treats – ask our butchers to prep and trim for you, then cook rare to medium-rare and rest before eating to keep these steaks tender.

Shin Sold boneless. Perfect for rich, unctuous stews – try it as a replacement for veal shin in Osso Bucco or a slow cooked curry.

Silverside A lean cut which can be used to make salt beef if you’re feeling adventurous, but more commonly used as an affordable and flavourful roasting joint.

Skirt Skirt is often minced and is traditionally used in Cornish pasties, but it’s also a great cut for stewing or casseroling which becomes melt-in-the-mouth when cooked slowly and has a deep flavour to it. It can also be cut into steaks but shouldn’t be cooked beyond medium to keep it tender.

Top Rump

Sometimes called Thick Flank, this cut can be thinly sliced for a quick-cook steak or roasted whole for Sunday lunch, but serve it pink to keep it tender.

Ox Cheek Ideal for long, slow cooking to create richly flavoured, melt-in-the-mouth stews or ragu sauces for pasta.

Oxtail A classic, flavour rich cut available which is used for soups and stews.

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