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The Less Expensive Cuts: Pork

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

Although your sausages, chops and tenderloin cover a whole price range, there are plenty of lovely cuts of pork that aren’t available in the supermarkets and still offer really good value for money.

Stocking high welfare, British, and rare breed pork is something we pride ourselves on, so these cuts are high on flavour as well. Fancy trying something new? Give us a call and we'd be happy to help you out with some inspiration and ideas.

Spare Ribs Spare ribs have plenty of fat on them which makes them sweet and succulent, and make them hard to overcook. Delicious marinated – you can try ours [hyperlink] or we can provide them plain if you are feeling adventurous in the kitchen. Best slow-cooked in the oven or grilled on the barbeque, and are absolutely delicious either way!

Chump We usually sell these as steaks – “chump” is rump, so they are satisfyingly meaty and have a good flavour. As chops they can be grilled, fried or barbequed for a quick and easy meal, but chump can also be given the slow cooker treatment.

Belly Pork belly has enjoyed a huge boost in popularity over the last few years but remains decent value for money. Best slow-cooked in the oven which renders the fat to leave incredibly moist, tender meat and beautiful crackling on top.

Cheek A full-flavoured stewing cut. Like beef cheek, it needs long, slow cooking in a stew or a ragu and suits very rich sauces.

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