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Christmas: Catering for a Smaller Crowd

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

If you’re planning a smaller gathering than usual this year or deferring Christmas until Easter, we have a few ideas about how you can still celebrate in style during the festive season.

Even if there aren't enough people at the table to justify a turkey, there's still plenty of scope for treating yourself and your loved ones to less traditional show stoppers:

Beef Wellington: our handmade Beef Wellingtons pair British fillet steak with Brussels pâté and homemade pastry for an indulgent celebratory meal and can be prepared for you in individual portions or to feed between 4 and 10 people.

Game Birds: Pigeon, Pheasant and Partridge are all in season and offer a seasonal treat which is nutritious and lower in fat than many traditional Christmas centrepiece options if you are saving your calories for a family gathering down the line.

Venison: succulent, local venison is available in the shop for a lean roasting joint or a warming winter stew with an edge of luxury.

Small Joints: Any excuse for a roast! Even if you are just feeding two or three people, you can order Carvery Rib of Beef by the rib (perfect for two) or a Côte de Boeuf. We also offer small portions of our usual roasting joints of beef and pork which will make a sumptuous meal with cold cuts to spare.

Chicken: Locally reared chickens are plump and delicious and make an excellent substitute for turkey. Starting from 2-5-3kg.

Braveheart Steak: Hardly traditional, but we’ve never met a carnivore who turned their nose up at our Bravehearts! They make a spectacular centrepiece for your table and are available from 600-700g which will feed 2-4.

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