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Christmas: Turkey Alternatives

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

We love Kelly Bronze Turkeys and always stock them for Christmas, but many people aren't a huge fan of turkey. If you're one of those people, here's a selection of great alternatives.

Our Famous Three Bird Roast is a true show stopper! We make these in-store from a combination of Turkey, Goose, Duck, Chicken and Pheasant and they feed 8 to 16 people depending on the combination.

Goose has come back into fashion in recent years as a luxury choice of Christmas bird. We stock Judy Goodman’s award-winning geese, raised in Worcestershire and highly recommended by a number of well-known chefs. If you’re trying goose for the first time, we recommend that you buy a generously sized bird since there is less meat than on a chicken or a turkey – although the richness of the meat more than makes up for the smaller portion size!

Local, free-range Chicken One of life’s simple pleasures and ideal for feeding smaller crowds. We source ours locally from Potash Farm near Tring.

Local, free-range Duck Rich and succulent, duck never gets old as a treat and it's natural affinity

for orange and spices makes it perfect for Christmas. Also sourced from Potash Farm in Tring.

British Rare Breed Beef Beef always makes an impressive and welcoming centrepiece, especially if you are doing more than one dinner over the Christmas period and have had your fill of turkey. Topside, Sirloin, Carvery Rib and Fillet are all available, and we always stock Topside and Sirloin from rare breed cattle, often descended from native species, making them deeply flavourful.

Free-range Gloucester Old Spot: this old English rare breed is renowned for the quality of its meat. We always have some GOS pork in-store and it makes for a special roast at Christmas. Ours comes ready scored for great crackling and is available as leg, shoulder (on the bone or boned and rolled) and loin (on the bone or boned and rolled).

Gammon and cooked ham are perfect cold cuts for entertaining over Christmas or just nibbling on in between the big meals. Take a look at our blog about the difference between the two - and which will suit you best - if you're undecided.

And finally, even if you fancy turkey but are cooking for a smaller crowd you don’t have to order a whole bird: a Kelly Bronze Turkey breast is a convenient, easy to carve alternative which is increasingly popular. It comes rolled and ready to roast, up to 3kg.

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