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Updated: Apr 12

Braveheart Steak

There’s a lot of debate about the “right” diet to eat at the moment, with a lot of different advice on what’s healthy for us and what’s climate friendly.

At Eastwoods we believe in eating a balanced diet made up of the best quality ingredients. We strive to provide our customers with food that is high quality, high welfare, sustainable and supports British farmers and their finest produce.

There are ethical and environmental benefits to choosing British meat. There is currently a lot of focus on the greenhouse gas footprint of meat production, but British livestock is significantly lower than the global average. Beef is commonly quoted as one of the worst scoring foods in terms of environmental impact, but British beef has a greenhouse gas footprint of 2.5 times lower than the global average.

Which is good news for us! Eating as locally as possible is another big part of reducing the environmental impact of your food. The closer it’s grown to home, the fewer miles it has had to travel, and you can be certain that your British beef steak has seen a lot less of the world that your avocado on toast has.

British meat also means clear production standards. The NFU has set an ambitious goal to produce net-zero greenhouse gas emissions in England and Wales by 2040 (ten years earlier than the British Government’s target of 2050), promotes active land management to help protect native species, and British farmers adhere to some of the highest welfare standards in the world.

In addition to sourcing all our meat within the UK, we actively support rare-breed farmers who produce slower growing, less intensively farmed meat of the highest quality and preserve our farming heritage. We can trace the provenance of all our rare breed meat back to the individual farm it was raised on.

To top it all off, being a local, specialist butcher means that we can provide a high level of service to all our customers. We provide our own unique range of products that we develop and improve all the time, not just slabs of meat sold in industrial quantities. Bespoke products are a speciality and pleasure for us to make, we cater to specific dietary requirements for individual customers, and we can even deliver our goods straight to your door.

And we’re not just catering for carnivores! We are in the process of developing new product lines to help our customers feed families and friends with increasingly diverse dietary preferences and requirements.


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