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Using the Right Cut for the Job

Updated: Apr 12

Making a special meal should be fun, but we’ve all made the mistake of trying to impress our guests by buying expensive meat and then cooking it the wrong way. Never braise your best steak or spoil your sirloin again! If you’re trying something new, check our quick reference guide below to using the rights cuts for the job and get your recipes perfect every time.


Pan frying: steaks Braising, Casseroling or Stewing: chuck steak or shin (see our guide to Using Less the Expensive Cuts [hyperlink]) Roasting – long and slow: brisket or silverside Roasting – quick and rare: sirloin Roasting – for occasions: rib of beef


Pan frying: steaks, chops and cutlets Braising, Casseroling or Stewing: shanks, neck, scrag and middle neck, shoulder (see our guide to Using the Less Expensive Cuts [hyperlink]) Roasting: shoulder, leg Roasting – quick and rare: spatchcock lamb [hyperlink to shop?]


Pan frying: steak, fillet, chops

Braising, Casseroling or Stewing: cheek or diced shoulder (see our guide to Using the Less Expensive Cuts [hyperlink]) Roasting: Apple Stuffed Pork Fillet [hyperlink], loin, round loin, rack on the bone Roasting – long and slow: shoulder, shoulder on the bone


Pan frying: breast, supreme, marinated fillets Roasting: whole chicken, spatchcock chicken [hyperlink to shop?], legs Quick Oven Cook: Kievs [hyperlink to shop?], breasts

Still not sure what the right choice is? We’re always available to give advice. Ask our knowledgeable butchers in store for the right cut for you, and for help in preparing it.

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