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Salt Marsh Lamb

Salt marsh lamb is succulent seasonal treat that becomes available during the summer. It is renowned for its melt in the mouth texture and distinctive, sweet flavour.

Sought after by connoisseurs and restaurants, it has long been prized by the French as a delicacy who have historically bought up a lot of the stock of British salt marsh lamb. Recently it has been gaining well-deserved recognition and a loyal following as a speciality product in the British market as well.

What makes salt marsh lamb so special is the grazing that they feed on - the unique flora and grasses in coastal wetlands that are flooded and drained by tidal waters. The meat itself isn’t saltier as a result, but takes on a distinctive flavour and pronounced sweetness in taste and smell derived from the unique, mineral rich grazing. It tends to be slightly darker and leaner than the lamb that is usually available to us because the sheep roam widely and take longer to mature than hill or mountain varieties. It’s raised in several coastal areas of the UK, but we like to keep our produce as local as possible so we source our salt marsh lamb from Romney Marsh in Kent and East Sussex.

It doesn’t need any special attention when cooking and can be treated the same as any other type of lamb but we do suggest keeping it slightly pink to get the best out of the unique flavour.

Not to be missed! See our full range of salt marsh lamb products here.

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