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Rare Breed Beef

We pride ourselves on sourcing and supplying rare breed beef, supporting British farmers who produce some of the finest meat to be found anywhere. Rare breed cattle grow slowly and aren’t intensively raised so what’s available in the shop changes week by week – you can call us on any given day to ask what’s in. There’s a short guide below to the breeds we normally have in stock.

Rare breed beef – breeds descended from our native cattle or considered traditional to British farming - tend to be slightly smaller and take longer to mature than intensively reared cattle. They don’t lend themselves to intensive farming practices so are raised in smaller herds using traditional methods and are grass-fed, grazed on open pasture land consuming a wide range of their local flora. All of this means that the meat produced from rare breeds has a better marbling of fat, which itself contains the higher levels of omega 3 only found in grass-fed cattle. The meat is tender and has deeper and more complex flavours than we’ve become used to – it’s typically described as “classically beefy” and is certain not to disappoint your taste buds.

We stock from farms in the south and east of England to keep our food as local as possible. Our rare breed beef comes from farmers who guarantee provenance, practice compassionate welfare standards, care about the environment, and produce outstanding beef at the end of it all.

We’ll always have one or more of the following in store for you to buy:

Hereford: One of the most famous of all our traditional breeds which produces succulent and well-marbled beef with a deep ‘beefy’ flavour.

White Park: This is an ancient British breed, descended from our native wild cattle, which is growing in popularity again particularly amongst chefs. The meat is leaner than average but packed with flavour.

Longhorn: Longhorn helped establish British beef as some of the finest quality in the world. This breed is slow to mature which produces meat with rich marbling and a fine grain.

Red Poll: Native to Suffolk and Norfolk. One of our last native dual-purpose breeds, they don’t tolerate intensive farming methods well and are raised in small herds on open pasture. Their meat has a rich, well developed flavour, particularly in its fat which tends to have a yellow colour typical of grass-fed beef.

Sussex Red: Descended from native beef cattle which hail from the Weald of Sussex, Surrey and Kent, this breed has gained popularity worldwide. The meat is finely textured and has a traditional flavour which is highly sought after.

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