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Making Your Food Go Further: Easter Lamb

Easter is a wonderful time to serve a lavish feast. Even if the numbers around the table are smaller than usual this year, making the most of your roasting joint means you can enjoy it for longer with leftovers providing you with delicious meals throughout the week (and beyond, if you’ve got space in the freezer).

We've come up with a couple of recipes, inspired by cuisines from around the world. Take a look and remember to send us a photo of your creation!

Greek Style Wraps

The fat content of traditional lamb roasting joints like shoulder and leg means that they can usually stand a little more cooking. As well as making lush sandwiches - try warming through leftover lamb for Mediterranean style wraps with salad and feta, hummus or tzatziki – this means that there are plenty of warming recipes that will stretch your Easter Sunday lunch a little bit further.

Posh Shepherd's Pie

Shepherd’s Pie is a British classic. Pull or finely chop your leftover meat and add to a pan of sweated vegetables, top up with stock and cover with mashed potato before baking in the oven. Or try a Lancashire Hotpot, with crisp sliced potatoes baked on top instead of mash. Here's a recipe guide for a Shepherds Pie.

Rich Italian Classic

The Italians have always been known for making amazing meals from a few ingredients. Rich pasta ragù is delicious when made with leftover lamb - simmer over a low heat with herbs, onions, and passata or tinned tomatoes until you have a meltingly soft sauce.

Mexican Style Chilli

An easy fix for a quick weeknight dinner is lamb Chili with vegetables, tomatoes, stock and spices (smoked paprika, cumin, coriander and oregano are what we would recommend). With the lamb already cooked you can afford to simmer it quite briefly on the hob rather than go for along cooking time. Chili is a very forgiving dish that can be made with virtually anything you have in the fridge and paired with rice, wraps, or tortilla chips... nachos, anyone? Here's a recipe guide for a great Chilli, just swap the beef out for the lamb.

Warming Lamb Curry

And if it’s been a while since you saw the back of your spice rack, have a good dig around for curry powder and garam masala. Curry is an amazing workhorse for using up leftovers. You can stick to traditional recipes, such as Lamb Bhuna, which are easily found online or if you are more experimental chef by nature it can include virtually anything you have in the cupboards and/or fridge with the addition of tomatoes or coconut milk and a healthy dose of spice. Here's a recipe for a lovely curry, you can leave out any spices you don't have in.

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