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Making Your Food Go Further: Steaks

Updated: Apr 12, 2020

Eating steak doesn’t have to mean breaking the bank - there are plenty of affordable options and forgotten cuts that are gathering popularity at the moment and with good reason. These steaks cook beautifully if you treat them well and pack in tons of flavour.

Even better, our beef comes from grass-fed British cows raised in high welfare environments so as well as being in for a treat, you’re supporting British farmers to produce some of the best beef in the world.

Bavette Bavette steak has a rich flavour and is very good value for money. Marinating it can help tenderise the meat if you like it that way, although purists will tell you not to bother! Cook to medium-rare and rest before serving.

Flat Iron or Feather Steak Flat Iron steaks are very popular at the moment. It’s a tender cut when butchered correctly and has a good flavour to it as well as a decent fat marbling. Cook rare to medium rare and rest before serving.

Onglet Loved by the French in the classic Steak Frites and still good value for money here in the UK. It’s richly flavoured and satisfying even when cooked just seasoned with salt and pepper. As a lean cut it is best cooked rare to medium-rare and rested to ensure that it stays tender. Slice thinly across the grain to serve.

Point Steak

A less well known but increasingly chic steak that is fast gaining popularity with foodies. It’s cut from where the rump meets the sirloin and offers some of the best of both cuts - both flavourful and tender. Serve medium-rare and well rested.

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