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Eastwoods believe strongly in supporting local farmers and producers.

Reducing food miles is a key issue that many of us are already aware of, and your food is certainly fresher when it’s shipped from a nearby farm. But buying local has more benefits than just shortening then journey from farm to plate. It allows us to ensure that we know the provenance of our produce and that it’s raised to high welfare and hygiene standards so that we are confident we're selling you the best quality ingredients. Buying local also means you are helping to support your immediate community and economy.

Rather than promoting a culture of a faceless food chain, we thought we’d highlight a few of our local food heroes for you.

Potash Farm Jonathan produces fantastic quality free-range chickens all year round. They use a slow-growing breed of chicken that roam freely in open fields – you can sometimes see them if you drive through Bulbourne. We think they are delicious and have a much more distinctive and refined flavour than most supermarket chickens.

Dinton Farm Eggs Dinton Farm is the first-ever Conservation Grade egg farm in the UK, set up by Nigel Williams with the specific aim of producing high welfare eggs in an environment that champions care for wildlife as well as livestock. The eggs are incredibly fresh and the hens are all free to roam and forage.

Berkhamsted Bees Local honey is making a comeback in the UK, and Berkhamsted Bees are an excellent example of why it should be. Their fragrant, clear honey is pure – unlike some supermarket products – and produced in apiaries just outside of Berkhamsted, reflecting the makeup of the local flora.

Chiltern Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil Produced in Wilstone by the Mead family, this award-winning rapeseed oil is cold-pressed to ensure a flavourful oil and a high level of nutritional benefit. The whole process from growing to botting is local to their own farm and they support a number of wildlife schemes.

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